Enjoy the outside of your home like never before. Rose Landscapes offers turnkey solutions that craft every detail to represent your unique vision. Here are some of the main areas that we will address with your new landscaping.

Landscape Design

A great landscape starts with a vision. The goal of our landscape design professionals is to turn your vision into a reality. We can produce everything from a quick sketch of your idea to a scaled color computer design of your new landscape. Once the plan is created, we will work with you on preparing an itemized proposal with the types of plants, quantities, and costs. We begin with your vision and budget in mind so the end result is always affordable and impressive.


Landscape Installation

Landscape Installation is where the long hours of planning and preparing come to life. We strive to make this process as simple and convenient as possible. You can expect Rose Landscapes to arrive on time and finish the landscaping installation efficiently. No need to worry about mud and mess for extended periods of time. We will be in and out and have your landscape looking luxurious in no time. When it comes to hard features such as patios, walkways, and outdoor living areas, our master craftsmen will be able to work with you and the plans to make sure the landscaping designs and results are truly something special. All of our installation crews are highly experienced at turning the plans into a work of art. From choosing the right plants to orienting them correctly in their areas, we make sure to get all the little things right so your landscape design is as attractive as possible.

Retaining Walls

Looking to add a little topography to a flat piece of land? Working with a steep incline and need to increase the usable space of your property? Nothing can acheive these goals better than a retaining wall. Retaining walls are a unique way to add character and charm to any size lot. At Rose Landscapes, we understand the challenges that arise when building retaining walls, and will make sure that the common problems of settling, tilting, and erosion do not affect your landscape design. We can tackle any size job so be sure to call us first if you are thinking about taking your property to a step above your neighbors with retaining walls.

Outdoor Living Space

One of the greatest benefits of home ownership is the ability to have parties and entertain guests in comfort and style, without ever having to leave the house. Outdoor living spaces not only expand the usable space of your home, but add value and character to virtually any type of house. No matter what size or shape your backyard, our design and installation professionals will help you achieve an ambiance and utiltiy from your space with our outdoor living designs. Our specialty is integrating your new outdoor space with your existing features as well as the natural landscape to create a truly beautiful landscape design and environment.

Pools and Water Features

Whether you are trying to add romance, serenity, or just a sense of uniqueness to your home, pools and water features are a sure-fire way to add a luxurious look to any home. Chris Rose of Rose Landscapes will help you select a shape and design of your pool or water feature, or a combination of both that best compliments the surroundings of your home. & pool decks.

Patios and Walkways

Patios and walkways are an often overlooked part of a landscaping project, but when considered and constructed carefully, patios and walkways can add to the form and function of your landscape. Rose Landscapes offers a variety of materials which allows you to customize the way people interact with your landscape with beautiful and elegant patios and walkways.


Driveways can be more than just a place to park your car. With the amount of space allocated to driveways for most house lots, it is amazing how often the way the driveway integrates with the landscape and house is overlooked. Through creative use of materials and superior workmanship, we can create a driveway design that will compliment your entire home and lanscape design and provide years of maintenance free service. If you are considering replacing a plain cement driveway with paving stones, native stone, or any other type of decorative touch, make Rose Landscapes your first call.


Topography is a great way to add character to your landscape and stone stairs are a surefire way to add elegance and charm to your yard. From the simplest steps to multi terraced landings, Rose Landscapes has the expertise to make a walk around the yard truly exciting.